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Shawn Fralin

Welcome To My Kitchen 

Chef Shawn Eric Fralin is a freelance private chef who organizes and develops culinary teams to create cuisine in some of the Worlds most remote locations. As a consultant he creates menus, provide kitchen restructuring, and facilitates team building activities for corporate and private clients. Much of his free time is spent volunteering his services to a wide variety of charitable organizations, schools and VA hospitals for disable veterans. Private cooking classes for individuals or groups all ages welcome.

My Passion:A Love for Food 

Formerly a Combat Soldier with the 101st Airborne Division, now a Culinary Warrior, Chef Shawn Fralin the Spiritual-Visionary Chef designs cuisine layered with complexities giving way to unparalleled raw beauty so powerful it blows you away. He creates real food that is beautifully presented, generously portioned and praised for its quality and good taste. He utilizes his special culinary talent to create harmonious meals specifically designed to nourish the Mind, Body and Soul of each individual client.

My Philosopy:
Mind, Body, Soul and Good Food 

We pride ourselves in the ability to connect with the spirit of food and help the client experience dining like never before. We know food and we use this knowledge to provide you with the highest quality ingredients in every item we prepare. We use only the freshest ingredients that are individually inspected by the Rakkasan Chef. Our team is up to date on the latest food news and research so you can rest assured you are only getting the best products on the market.

Create more than just meals… Create experiences

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